USCIS Contact Info

If you never received your receipt notice or document from USCIS for Advance Parole, DACA, DACA renewal or other important form, call: 1-800-375-5283 if you do not feel comfortable filling information online or if your receipt number does not work when checking your Case Status.

USCIS does not provide a tracking number when they send you the receipt notice or the document, but it usually takes one week or two to get to its destination. You may check the status of your document on

If your case is outside processing time click the following link:

If you did not receive your receipt notice by mail (perhaps you or your lawyer wrote your address wrong) go to:

If you did not receive your actual document in the mail and it says on “my case status” you got approved and it is outside the indicated time frame on “my case status go to:

Keep in mind that Advance Parole’s processing time is in between 2 weeks and 4 months, therefore if your document has not arrived in a month, it is within the time frame.  Therefore you must send your documents at least 4 months before intended departure date.