Renewing After Advance Parole (DACA)

The renewal process after Advance Parole does not greatly differ from those that did not travel.

1)Determine eligibility

  • You did not commit felonies or grave misdeameanors prior your DACA renewal.  If you acquired a record, please consult a legitimate lawyer, you may use to find an attorney.

2) Determine when to renew

3) Cover Letter (optional)

  • Explain on cover letter your Advance Parole travel (Example Below)

4) G-1145 Form (recommended)

5) I-821D Form (required)

6) I-765 Form (required)

7) I-765 WS (required)

8) Copy of your work permit (required)

9) Copy of your I-797 notice (suggested)

10) Copy of your Advance Parole document (required)

  • If the officer kept both your AP documents provide a copy of your I-94 (you may print this online, you will need your passport number, name and birth date as indicated in your passport, the link to the I-94 is under “Resources” on the menu).

11) Copy of your Stamped passport (the page where the seal with the paroled date) [recommended]

12) Two passport pictures (required)

13) Money order or check of $ 495 to the Department of Homeland Security

Example of how to fill out DACA (I-821D) after traveling with Advance Parole:

Example of how to fill out the I-765 (work permit)

Example of how to fill out the I-765 WS

I also included tabs in order to organize my packet (Example of the tabs below, it must be two separate pages)

Send your DACA renewal EARLY (150 days expiration date) since you traveled with Advance Parole, it may take a bit longer to renew.  You may send your renewal packet a few days earlier than the 150 days according to DACA FAQ ONLY if you have requested Advance Parole (this is optional, if you do not want to send your documents earlier than the 150 days, it is not mandatory).