Multiple Entries for Advance Parole

Reasons to apply for Advance Parole Multiple entries:

  • Your relative’s health is deteriorating and you must attend to them various time a year
  • Your job requires you to travel back and forth various times a year due to an assignment or other job related situations
  • Your research project or internship requires your to travel frequently
  • Your medical treatment requires several sessions and you must travel various times

Usually individuals that apply for Advance Parole Multiple Entries request 365 days (a year) or you may also ask for 6 months (or whatever you like) to travel outside the country.

A multiple entries request does not differ than a single entry request, except that on the form I-131 from on page 5, part 7 question 1 you mark “More than one trip”. 

In addition you must write on your letter of request an explanation of why you need Multiple entries, you must also provide the necessary evidence such as the medical record of your relative.  On the letter of request it is recommended to state how many times a year you plan to leave the country, but if you are unsure or do not know, you can write that you need multiple entries to leave the country when an emergency occurs.

If you wish to apply for multiple entries you must keep in mind that it depends on the officer reviewing your case, and if he or she believes your reason is not viable for multiple entries they will not give it to you, but they will mostly likely give you a single entry Advance Parole.




For more sophisticated questions or if you have a record please consult a legitimate and reliable lawyer you may find one at