Expedite Request

An Expedite request is when you have the need to receive your USCIS application as soon as possible (FYI: you cannot expedite DACA).  USCIS has criteria to expedite a request:

  1. Severe financial loss of company or person
  2. Emergency situations
  3. Humanitarian reasons

You have three options on how to expedite your application:

  1. You may write EXPEDITE on the top right hand corner of your application and also include on your letter of request that you are expediting your request and why (this is done when you send your application).
  2. If you have already sent your form then you may call the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at 1-800-375-5283.  Make sure you have your receipt number ready and an explanation of why you need to Expedite your application.
  3. You may also visit your nearest USCIS office by making an infopass appointment at  https://infopass.uscis.gov/info_lang.php?sel_lang=en
    • You may do a walk-in to your nearest USCIS office if your emergency is immediate.
      • If you have already submitted an application then be prepared with evidence of your emergency.
      • If you have not submitted an application, fill out all the forms,  gather the evidence, write your letter of request, and the $360 fee and wait for a spot to open (may take hours).  Usually walk-ins are for true emergencies and if you are visiting a family member they usually take cases of immediate blood relatives (with exceptions).

There is also a fourth option if the written, call or walk-in expedite did not work you may try one last resort which is contact your Representative.  You have to email him/her and explain who you are, what application you are expediting and why (in great detail).  You may also call and inquire, find your Representative here: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/


Note: If you expedite a request it does NOT mean they will grant you the expedite, it all depends on the officer reviewing your case.  In addition, in terms of Advance Parole, expedite in general does not make a difference (with exceptions) they usually take the same time to get approved.  It may also take LONGER to get approved since the officer might request further evidence for the expedite reason.