Entry to the U.S with Advance Parole

Return to the United States

The following are just possible scenarios you might encounter upon your re-entry to the United States (with the exception that CPB will take a picture and your fingerprints).

Returning to the United States through airplane:

Some airlines provide the option to check in online, you will be able to print your boarding pass, companies have the option to put your Advance Parole document information, however others do not and will ask for visa information or Green Card.

If you encounter this, it is best for you to go “check-in” in person at the airport.  Show the airline worker your Advance Parole documents and your work authorization card, if they need more evidence give them your State ID or Driver License.

Once you are in the U.S the airline or Custom officers will give you a blue and white rectangle paper, in that sheet you will report the value of your souvenirs and declare your items upon entry, and your address.

After you give the officer the declaration of souvenirs you will proceed to stand in line at the VISITOR’S line, not the Citizen’s and Resident’s line.  You will encounter an agent and you will give him or her your Advance Parole documents, and your Work Authorization Card, answer all the questions (if any) he or she has for you.

Example of the form you must fill to declare your items (everyone must do this, it has nothing to do with Advance Parole)

After the officer takes your picture and fingerprints you will be escorted to a separate room, where your Advance Parole documents, passport and Work Authorization Card will be collected and will either ask you a few questions or release you immediately with no questions asked.

Experiences upon re-entry vary within States, time of arrival, airport, and CBP agents, therefore you might get interviewed or not.