Applying for Advance Parole More than Once

If you are applying for Advance Parole for a second, third, fourth (etc.) time, on Part 3 question 4a. Do not mark “yes” but rather you must check “no”.

The reason for marking “NO” is because Advance Parole is granted to a person that does not have permanent residency or an immigration status, but rather a permitted prescence like DACA recipients and TPS members. Therefore it is NOT a reentry permit.

A reentry permit is cater for those with permanent residency, Advance Parole and a reentry permit differ in appeareance, Advance Parole (AP) is a single paper with a picture and details about what it is and the dates granted for travel; while the reentry permit resembles a passport.

Advance parole is not a refugee travel document, thus, you check “NO”.

Below is an example of the Advance Parole document:

Below is an example of the reentry docuement: