UndocuTravelers is the site to learn everything about traveling with Advance Parole through DACA.

UndocuTraveler in Spain

Marisol took advantage of Advanced Parole and traveled to Spain during a Study Abroad Program!

Dare to Dream Outside of the Golden Cage

Naples, Italy (Study Abroad Program)

UndocuTravelers' Blog

Want to read a real personal experience of the process of Advance Parole, travelings and entry to the United States?! Check out this blog!


Undocumedia is a great resource for everything you need to know as an undocumented person, ally, or researcher! Learn about the process of DACA, DACA Renewal, AB 60, and other useful information!

DACA Scholars

Whether you are DACAmented or not, this app is useful for scholarships and resources regarding the Undocumented community! It is free and easy to use! Available for Apple and Android.

Disclaimer: This information was not written by a lawyer but by very well informed individuals.  If you need legal assistance please visit www.aila.org to find a legitimate lawyer.  

If you have a criminal or immigration record please seek professional counsel.